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Become Proactive Against Cybercrime Threats
Financially motivated cybercriminals are committed to launching cyber attacks for monetary gain – this can have significant effects on business operations against your sector, organization and customers. Without timely and relevant intelligence exposing these adversaries and their TTPs, organizations remain in a reactive state with
business-critical operations continuously at risk of being impacted. Intelligence, fraud, risk, security and incident response teams need sophisticated and professional intelligence capabilities to help them respond faster, defend proactively, and protect efficiently.

Reveal Top-Tier Cybercriminals and their Operations
Tracking the most sophisticated and successful cybercriminals requires placement and access within the cybercriminal underground and local outreach contacts where they operate. Unfortunately, this is a problem that cannot be solved solely with technology, data scraping or any other feature that does not include experienced
intelligence professionals. Our team is comprised of globally dispersed intelligence operators and native speakers who engage with top-tier cybercriminals on an ongoing basis. We have a long-standing and active presence within underground marketplaces, forums and chat rooms where entry is highly guarded. Intel 471’s Adversary Intelligence is produced from a focused collection, analysis and exploitation capability and curated from where threat actors collaborate, communicate and plan cyber attacks.

Benefits of Adversary Intelligence
Obtain on-going and near real-time insight into the cybercriminal underground. Adversary Intelligence provides proactive and groundbreaking insights into the methodology of top-tier cybercriminals – target selection, assets and tools used, associates and other enablers that support them. Intel 471’s field driven collection and headquarters based analysis is able to directly support the intelligence needs across an organization spanning your security, executive, vulnerability, risk, investigation and fraud teams. Access finished intelligence or leverage the underlying and raw collection, it’s up to you! We provide deliverables for multiple teams and maturity levels.

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