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Digital FootPrint

Your digital footprint is your company’s digital presence. Many of these assets exist, change, and are vulnerable without the knowledge of security teams. You can’t protect what you don’t know about.


Your Digital Footprint


Known Assets

  1. Corporate website
  2. Known microsites managed by marketing
  3. Marketing landing pages
  4. Web applications
  5. Company-Owned domains
  6. Company-Owned or leased IP blocks
  7. Known public-facing demo,development,and staging servers

Unknown Assets

  1. Third-Party JavaScript resources
  2. Microsites Created by vendor or as one-off pages
  3. Assets and domains purchased outsode of official protocol
  4. Unknown,public-facing demo,development,and staging servers
  5. Servers,sites,and web pages that were part of merger of acquisition but not inventoried

Rogue and Malicious Assets

  1. Web application in your inventory injected with malicious JavaScript
  2. Abandoned servers or domain names
  3. pages created outside or standard procedures
  4. Unauthorized typosquatting domains
  5. Assets in your inventory infected by malware
  6. Assets in your inventory pointing to sites known to be malicious

Why is Your Footprint important?


Attackers performing reconnaissance will often find unknown,unprotected, and unmonittored assets to use as attack vectors. For a large enterprise,unknown assets often exist by the hundreds and are typically easy for even novice hackers and theat group to find Because they're unmonitored,they provide an easy way in and out.Todefend yourself,you need to know what attackers see when they're looking at you.After all following an attack of breach,saying "we didn't know that asset existed," doesn't mitigate the damage donde.


Beyond just knowing that an asset exists, it's critical to understand what powers that asset such the type of server its, software and framworks running on that server,as well as any vulnerabilities associated with it Exploted vulnerabilities on internet-facing assets are the leading cause of data breaches from external threat actors.


Once You have an accurate,detailed inventory of external assets in your digital footprint, it is far easier to understand,prioritze amd implement mitigation techniques to ensure that all of your external assets are protected. This inventory of your assets is also critical for compliance with numerous industry regulations.


What You Can't See Will Hurt You

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