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Why IoT intelligence?
In fact, as per experts,  there will be 41 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices by 2027.  As such, generating IoT intel and threat intelligence related to such devices at your business is very important.
IoT threat intel is a solution that is based on several components, namely, threat intel and a visualization tool. The threat intel provides security intelligence feeds regarding worldwide IoT infected devices, in addition to malicious and unauthorized activities. You can collect data based on more than one TB of daily feeds collected from more than 100 countries.
Case Studies: Ninja helps large organizations in identifying all their assets on-premise and online. Furthermore, our business protects by identifying vulnerabilities, building detection, and protection systems, and monitor all activities in real-time. All IoT devices are identified during the process via one platform. The latter allows not only real-time monitoring but also generating trends, alerts, and reports. Our clients have used such intel to build an up-to-date list of IoT blacklisted IP addresses, countries, and cities. Others have used our platform to alert Internet Service Providers for any abuse. 

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