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Move to an Intelligence-Led Security Strategy
Financially motivated cybercriminals are continuously launching new attacks against organizations – often agnostic of sector and customers. Without high confident and timely indicators with deep context, organizations are unable to move from a reactive incident driven posture to an intelligence lead security strategy.
Coverage and Ability to Operationalize
When it comes to malware and technical intelligence, it is about coverage and how quickly you can operationalize it within your organization. Common but critical questions span from:
• Where was the threat data and information collected from?
• How “fresh” is the malware data, information and intelligence?
• Is the malware still being used by cybercriminals?
• When should the intelligence be expired?
• How do I automatically block badness with confidence?

Malware Intelligence leverages Intel 471’s industry leading access within the cybercriminal underground to obtain early access to malware including Trojans, RATs and Stealers. This early access allows us to analyze and reverse engineer malware to create actionable signatures, malware intelligence reports and criminal infrastructure monitoring. As soon as observed malware families are seen in the wild, we will make you and your security systems aware to detect and mitigate.

Benefits of Malware Intelligence
Intel 471’s Malware Intelligence was developed for seamless and automated ingestion into security tools and infrastructure, this includes Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIPs) and SIEMs (e.g., Splunk). Security teams are equipped with early and near real-time visibility into the latest cybercriminal malware campaigns and latest malware
advertised and released by cybercriminals in the underground. This enables security teams to confidently block and detect malware faster, thereby reducing incidents. Organizations are able to implement a proactive driven security
approach by using Intelligence on malware family, version, malware intelligence reports, botnet configuration (including parsed web injects), linked indicators, IDS signatures, YARA rules and MITRE ATT&CK framework mapping


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