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Next Gen – SIEM or SIEM – Next Gen

Next Gen – SIEM or SIEM – Next Gen

Sumo Logic is a cloud security analytics platform that provides security intelligence for your microservices, hybrid and multi-cloud environment. Sumo Logic can be your first cloud SIEM, replace your legacy SIEM, or co-exist with your existing SIEM solution. Consolidate your log management, compliance, and security analytics tools into one. Thousands of enterprises rely on Sumo Logic Security Analytics for their day-to-day security operations.

Sumo logic

Cloud SIEM Enterprise

Delivering SOC analytics and automation to your hybrid and multi-cloud architectures

Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM Enterprise is a cloud-native security operations center (SOC) solution that automatically analyzes and correlates threat alert data to help SOC analysts more efficiently discover and resolve meaningful threats.

Moving beyond alerts

Today’s SOC teams are fatigued and under pressure from overwhelming alert volume. Many SOCs were built around legacy solutions designed with SIEM technology invented years, even decades ago. With the threat landscape evolving at an unprecedented rate, SOC teams are limited by these technology restrictions and unable to keep pace with the volume and sophistication of modern attacks.

The Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM Enterprise solution is modernizing security operations by giving analysts prioritized and contextualized threat data. This removes common technology limitations that burden a SOC’s efficiency and ability to mitigate risk.

Sumo Logic is automating the manual work for the security analyst, saving them time and enabling them to be more effective by focusing on higher-value security functions.

Solution Benefits
Enhanced visibility:Delivers context across users, networks, devices, alerts, cloud services and applications while prioritizing the information needed to speed response times.
Improved productivity:Automates the manual, repetitive validation tasks that limit efficiency, freeing analysts to make advancements in identifying new threats.
Unlimited scalability:Supports growth with a cloudnative, open source and big data architecture.
Focused workflows:Enables analysts to perform highvalue risk-reduction activities like threat hunting, response, and remediation.
Advanced insights:Automatically groups related threat Signals into Insights, alleviating manual triage efforts.
Foundation for the modern SOC

Today, security analysts are fighting a losing battle. More than half of alerts go uninvestigated, leaving attackers free to infiltrate organizations even with existing defenses. The Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM Enterprise solution provides security analysts with the enhanced visibility and context needed to speed the time to identify evidence of exploits, reduce the time to remediate and improve the ability for security teams to more quickly and thoroughly understand the impact of an attack.

Cloud SIEM Enterprise capabilities

Everything in the Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM Enterprise user interface and workflow is designed for simplicity and ease of use by security analysts.

Alert analytics generating Signals from logs

Cloud SIEM Enterprise provides a convergence of data sources, collecting millions of logs and security-relevant data from cloud, on-premises, and hybrid architectures. Cloud SIEM Enterprise uses pattern and threat intelligence matching with correlation logic, statistical evaluation, and anomaly detection to filter the raw records down to thousands of Signals in near real-time.

Correlation-based detection

Insights represent the intelligent, correlated, and prioritized clustering of Signals and other data enrichments for analysts to immediately investigate. Insights dramatically decrease validation and investigation times by presenting an automatically generated storyline of potential security incidents containing all of the relevant context analysts require to make rapid response decisions.

Automated prioritization and alert triage

Insights are generated by the Adaptive Signal Clustering (ASC) engine using principles modeled on the actions of world-class SOC analysts to group related Signals worthy of human review. This provides analysts with the identification and context of an attack and its movements, including multiple low-severity Signals that often fly below the radar. ASC engine algorithms are continuously improved as customers identify patterns, validate Signals and Insights, or add new searches—thereby increasing confidence levels and benefiting all Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM Enterprise users.

The Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM Enterprise heads-up display focuses SOC analysts’ attention on potentially critical incidents worthy of immediate investigation

The power of analytics and automation

Analysts spend the bulk of their day investigating SIEM alerts to separate the valid alerts from the noise. While necessary, this effort is largely manual and extraordinarily time consuming. Unfortunately, this exhaustive work is ineffective at reducing risk to the organization. Alert triage has shifted from a human-scale problem to a machine-scale problem.

Unrestricted by the processing power of on-premises hardware, the cloud-native Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM Enterprise solution automates the alert triage process and ensures all records are efficiently analyzed in order to surface Insights. Insights are the key output of Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM Enterprise, designed to enlighten security analysts and focus their time and attention on crucial threats to the business.

Insights are automatically generated and complete the “story” of a potential incident, with clustered Signals providing critical context for the analyst. Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM Enterprise understands threat intel sources which analysts frequently leverage, in addition to being able to learn new sources. Cloud SIEM Enterprise automatically enriches Insights with this additional threat intelligence.

Freed from the manual effort of triaging each and every alert for validity, the analyst is enabled to dig into the Insight and immediately begin the higher value functions of investigations, threat hunting, and response.

Security telemetry beyond logs: network, user, asset and APIs

Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM Enterprise includes collectors beyond just logs. Our open-source Zeek network security monitor performs deep packet inspection and reassembles network traffic flows into rich protocol-level network sessions, extracted files, and security context. Using the Cloud SIEM Enterprise console, analysts can see raw network traffic details, related connections and protocol activity, and gain visibility into East/West network traffic. Cloud SIEM Enterprise collects asset information for users and devices—including info natively from Active Directory—to deliver additional context like anomalous activities by users and devices. Cloud SIEM Enterprise’s deep library of native cloud API integrations can pull security telemetry directly from sources (e.g., Carbon Black, Okta, AWS GuardDuty, Office 365) simply using an API key.

Threat hunting and response as a service

The Sumo Logic Special Operations (SpecOps) team supports Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM Enterprise customers by adding an elite cyber threat hunting team to their staff. Gaining access to this force helps alleviate the strain on your SOC resources and the effort of managing, training, maintaining, and retaining the high levels of expertise usually required in a SOC.

  1. Force multiplier – instant access to SpecOps analysts for mentoring and direct support of your existing team
  2. Advanced hunting – elite security analysts armed with latest tools and top-tier training to eliminate threats in your environment
  3. Collective defense – broad understanding of emerging threats and apply that intelligence to protect your organization
  4. Rapid response – team available 24/7 to help combat threats
About Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic is a leader in continuous intelligence, a new category of software, which enables organizations of all sizes address the data challenges and opportunities presented by digital transformation, modern applications, and cloud computing. The Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence Platform™ automates the collection, ingestion, and analysis of application, infrastructure, security, and IoT data to derive actionable insights within seconds. More than 2,000 customers rely on Sumo Logic to build, run, and secure their modern applications and cloud infrastructures. Only Sumo Logic delivers its platform as a true, multi-tenant SaaS architecture, across multiple use-cases, enabling businesses to thrive in the Intelligence Economy.

A cloud SIEM for modern IT

  1. Secure your cloud journey before, during and after cloud migration
  2. Support your multi-cloud strategy with a unified view of security and compliance for AWS, Azure and GCP
  3. Unify the security across AWS Security Hub, Azure Security and GCP Security Command Center
  4. Correlate metrics and logs across various cloud services including IaaS, PaaS and SaaS
  5. Benchmark threat detection on AWS
  6. Prioritize the long tail of rare events

Cloud SIEM

Cloud SIEM for the hybrid, multi-cloud, and microservices for the modern IT

Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM provides threat detection and incident response for modern IT environments such as hybrid, multi-cloud, and microservices. Whether you’re looking for your first cloud SIEM, replacing your legacy SIEM, looking for an add-on solution to monitor cloud workloads, or seeking to consolidate your SIEM tools, Sumo Logic is the leading solution in the market.

Product Overview

Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM is built from the ground-up to detect and respond to threats in real-time for hybrid and multicloud environments. Customers love Sumo Logic for its rapid deployment, quick time-to-value, ease-of-use, and unified data model which consolidates many IT tools into Sumo Logic. We have more than a thousand customers that rely on Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM for their day-to-day security operations. Unique multi-tenant architecture provides elastic scale and performance, as well as security insights across customers, delivering Cloud SIEM as a service. No hardware, software, facilities, capacity planning issues, long term contracts, or massive capital expenditure involved.

  1. Sumo Logic is built on a secure cloud platform with a robust portfolio of security and compliance certifications including SOC2.0, FedRAMP Ready, PCI DSS, HIPAA, masking, and encryption at rest and in motion.
  2. Our architecture supports security monitoring of cloud deployments, hybrid IT, modern application architecture, and DevSecOps environments.
  3. Sumo Logic leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to accelerate threat detection and investigation at cloud scale.
Elastic scalability when you need it the most

Legacy networking and security tools were not built to handle the abnormal increase in the volume of alerts and events to handle when there is an attack or a threat. Due to their finite resources, the efficacy of these devices and storage solutions is quickly broken down by the elastic, unpredictable, and highly dynamic nature of cloud environments. This makes the on-prem or single-tenant cloud solution not useful when you need it the most. Sumo Logic is born in the cloud to provide organizations with the same benefits they expect to achieve as they move to the cloud -- flexibility, scalability, and agility as the types, quantities, and sources of data continue to increase. We have seen customers go from 1TB/day to 70TB/day and back to 1TB/day in a matter of few hours without any capacity planning or breaking the infrastructure.

Build and run cloud-based SOC

Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM enables companies small or large, such as Genesys and Anheuser Busch, to build and maintain their SOC. In fact, Sumo Logic does a better job delivering SOC natively from the cloud. For instance, Anheuser Busch, the largest beer manufacturing company in the world, has built its SOC with Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM. The CISO of Anheuser says that we have established a culture of collaboration through our cloud security intelligence platform between their NOC and SOC. Genesys, one of the largest call center technology companies, uses Cloud SIEM as their SOC platform and they have built a new SOC-less operations that has no physical centralized place, but a virtual, distributed, security operations.

Cloud SIEM

Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM delivers a unified view of all security events for managing alerts, running analytics for rapid detection of threats, deep forensic investigation, and quick incident response. Our focus is on environments that are evolving towards the modern IT and cloud transformation. Sumo Logic is perfectly suited to be a cloud-native security solution that can help you secure your cloud journey, whether you need to monitor old IT before transition, or modern IT during and after cloud transformation.

Rapid detection of threats based on the correlation

Cloud SIEM has built-in correlation based on our comprehensive query functionality that includes a rich family of operators, our search query language, ability to create templates, as well as a number of advanced machine learning algorithms such as LogReduce, LogCompare, Outlier detection, and many more. Subqueries let users create sophisticated correlation rules easily deploying custom security use cases with no domain expertise needed.

You can build your own library of saved searches which are analogous to correlation rules to implement security use cases such as user behavior analytics, incident management, IoT security orchestration, privileged access monitoring, etc. Saved searches can then be run regularly to detect threats in near-real time.

Built-in security content for quick time to value

The Sumo Logic marketplace has hundreds of apps that come with pre-built dashboards, queries, and alerts. For security use cases, we have over 40 apps, that are critical to our customers. These apps when installed and connected with your infrastructure, Sumo Logic collects, analyzes, and shows visuals on your data. You can also configure alerts based on your priorities to send real-time emails that you can use to start incident response immediately or send it to ticketing systems to trigger incident response workflow. Our customers create search queries for their custom apps/devices to create dashboards. You can also create alerts from these searches to trigger incident response workflows.

About Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic is a secure, cloud-native, Continuous Intelligence Platform for DevSecOps delivering real-time, continuous intelligence from structured, semi-structured and unstructured data across the entire application lifecycle and stack. More than 2,000 customers around the globe rely on Sumo Logic for the intelligence to build, run and secure their modern applications and cloud infrastructures. Only Sumo Logic delivers its platform based on a true, multi-tenant, SaaS architecture, enabling digital businesses to thrive in the Intelligence Economy. Founded in 2010, Sumo Logic is a privately held company based in Redwood City, Calif. and is backed by Accel Partners, Battery Ventures, DFJ Growth, Franklin Templeton, Greylock Partners, IVP, Sapphire Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Sutter Hill Ventures and Tiger Global Management. For more information, visit www.sumologic.com

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