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Red Team Engagement

RED TEAM ENGAGEMENT Assessments for Mature Security Teams

What Is a Red Team Engagement?

While penetration testing aims to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in a defined scope such as a web application – a Red Team engagement focuses on compromising predetermined assets or ‘flags’. By remaining agnostic to a explicitly fixed target scope and focusing on potential impact, our Red Team Cyber security Engagement can demonstrate the risk posed by an APT (Advanced Persistent Threat). These comprehensive, complex security assessments are best used by companies looking to improve a maturing security organization.

A leader in these sophisticated campaigns, Ninja Security has a world-class team of offensive security engineers and researchers. Including some of the foremost experts in the field, our team is comprised of specialists in a wide range of technologies and backed with the research to prove it. From building hardware implants to developing dozens of zero day vulnerabilities, we have the experience and expertise to exercise the most hardened organization.

Why are Red Team Engagements Important?

By harnessing this unique combination of attack capabilities, we can determine: Attack process to compromising your critical business assets• Where vulnerabilities exist in your network, applications, IoT devices, and personnel• Effectiveness of your security monitoring and alerting capabilities• Weaknesses in your incident response policy and procedures• Priorities and demonstrated impact for your future security initiatives


Each Red Team engagement targets a series of specific ‘Flags’ – critical business assets such as domain controllers, proprietary data, or credit card data. These Flags are determined on a per client basis to create a customized engagement and distinctively defined scope for the duration of the project. We understand that your security concerns are distinct to your organizational processes and industry. A red team engagement – or any security assessment for that matter – should always take that into consideration.

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